Mighty Monitor 5

Mighty Monitor 5.3http://www.starmerville.com/mm/MightyMonitor53.zip

Previous Versions

Version 1.2 for Tiger

Version 1.3 for Leopard

    1.2 and 1.3 are the last

    versions to support the

    original Apple wireless

    mouse (returning in 4.0).

Version 2.0 for Leopard and Snow Leopard

    Old-style display with

    larger dials.  No

    trackpad support.

Version 4.0 for Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion

    Support for the Magic


MightyMonitor 5 is a dashboard widget for Mac OS X that shows you the battery status of Apple Bluetooth wireless devices, including the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and brushed aluminum wireless keyboard.  The widget changes color to warn of low batteries - with a low status warning at less than 25% remaining, and alert with less than 10% remaining.

MightyMonitor 5 allows customization of the device labels as well as warning (yellow) and critical (red) thresholds.  MightyMonitor 5 also includes an enhanced battery view that will display full-time numeric status in addition to the battery indicator.

NiMH Battery Optimized!

MightyMonitor 5 can be customized to display correct NiMH battery status.  Depending on which device you are using, NiMH readings will either be too hot, or too cold, but never just right.  This is illustrated in the figure below.  Apple reports battery status using the alkaline (red line) discharge curve.  The Trackpad tries to optimize based on NiMH but is incorrect (dotted line).  Depending on the device, Mac OS, like Goldilocks, will either report battery status as too hot or too cold.  MightyMonitor is “Just Right!”   MightyMonitor 5 adds new optimizations for NiMH batteries in Apple keyboards and mice!

Make your Mac “Just Right!”  Download MightyMonitor 5 and NiMH optimize percent remaining for your mouse or keyboard by selecting the appropriate setting from the preference drop downs.  See the Battery Optimization page for more information.

Multiple Language Support!

MightyMonitor 5  includes language support for Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Swedish, and Italian.

MightyMonitor is free to download and use.  If you enjoy it, please donate some money to support future development by clicking the paypal button on the right.  Even a buck would mean a lot!




  1. NiMH Optimized Battery Status

  2. Enhanced Battery View

  3. Russian Localization

  4. Support for OS X Mavericks